Welcome the ATC Season 7 winning Team!

Welcome the ATC Season 7 winning Team!

Figure 1: Africa Tech Challenge Season 7 2022

AVIC International successfully held the Preliminary Competition Awarding Ceremony of ATC Season VII during which outstanding participants and teams were awarded.

The Africa Tech Challenge (ATC) Season VII Preliminary Competition Awarding Ceremony, a CSR project organized by AVIC International, was successfully held online on September 23rd, 2022. The ceremony was attended by leaders from the Export-Import Bank of China, which was a specially invited partner, and ZWSOFT Co. Ltd. (Guangzhou), as well as the participating teams from Kenya, Egypt, Ghana, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and Zambia.

Figure 2: 236 youth from 6 different countries participated for the ATC Season 7 Challenge

Following the 4-week training, the top three individuals from each country will be awarded cash prizes as part of the preliminary competition. Meru National Polytechnic from Kenya, Integrated Technical Education Cluster (ITEC), Fayoum from Egypt, St. Paul Technical School from Ghana, Luyanzi Institute of Technology from Uganda, Northern Technical College from Zambia, and Bulawayo Polytechnic from Zimbabwe will compete in the finals.

ATC Season VII featured 65 teams comprised of 259 students from 45 schools this year. Kenya, Egypt, Ghana, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Tanzania are among the countries represented. The previous “training + competition” model is continued in ATC Season VII. From July 25th to August 22nd, the participants were trained online via the AVIC INTL Vocational Education Online Platform for one month. On August 25th, the preliminary competition was held successfully. The ATC Season VII competition event was “Reading and Drafting of Construction Drawings.” The training focused on “basic CAD software operation,” “engineering drawing projection,” “international drafting standards,” and “building floor plan drawing.”

Figure 3: Primary Software Used in the ATC Season 7 -CAD Autocad

Since the first season of ATC was held by AVIC International in 2014, teams from 248 schools in ten countries have competed. Manual Lathe Machining, CNC Lathe Machining, Mobile APP Development, Form-worker, Rebar worker, Cement worker, Mechatronics, and Reading and Drafting of Construction Drawings are among the competition events. 45 trainees received job opportunities through ATC, and 15 students received scholarships to study in China. ATC not only reflects AVIC International’s fulfillment of the mission for China-Africa cooperation and CSR in overseas public utilities as a Chinese state-owned enterprise, but also strengthens the China-Africa exchange on vocational education achievements through competitions, building a bridge of “connectivity” for China-Africa education, which fully responds to the initiative of the “Capacity Building Program” in the “Nine Programs” raised at the AVIC International Forum.

The Export-Import Bank of China, a specially invited partner of AVIC International, is a major supporter of ATC Season VII. As a policy bank, the Export-Import Bank of China has assisted African countries in improving the vocational skills of their youth and education levels, as well as providing financial support for vocational education projects in many countries, which has greatly aided African countries’ capacity building and development. The leader of the Export-Import Bank of China fully affirmed the significance of the competition and expressed best wishes for the development of vocational education in Africa during the awarding ceremony.

The final competition of ATC Season VII is scheduled to be held in Kenya in November. The 6 national winning teams will gather in Kenya to compete on the same stage! Best wishes for the national teams to achieve great results!

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