Amina Live Foundation

Case overview

The Amina LIVE Foundation is overseen by the able leadership of its founder, Dr. Amina C. Mohamed, who serves as the Cabinet Secretary in Kenya. To enhance their outreach and impact, the Amina LIVE Foundation sought the expertise of Digital Media Kenya for a comprehensive branding and digital presence development project.

The Scope

The scope of work for this project included creating a distinctive brand identity for the Amina LIVE Foundation, driven by Dr. Amina C. Mohamed’s leadership as Cabinet Secretary. This encompassed logo design, branding guidelines, merchandise production, web development, and printing materials for effective outreach and fundraising.

Our Approach

Our approach is centered on crafting customer-centric businesses, products, and integrated brand experiences. We empower you to innovate, grow, or realign your brand for a more profound connection with your target audience, shaping the future of your organization.

The Results

The collaboration between the Amina LIVE Foundation and Digital Media Kenya has yielded remarkable success and transformative results. The foundation now boasts a compelling brand identity that effectively conveys its mission and values, aligning with Dr. Amina C. Mohamed’s visionary leadership as Cabinet Secretary. With a modern, user-friendly website in place, the organization has significantly improved its online presence. This has enhanced their ability to raise awareness, engage with a wider audience, and effectively drive their charitable initiatives to positively impact underprivileged communities in Kenya.